Monday, September 30, 2013


it's exquisite.
just got the LINE.not that line, that enable you play games together, oh not that.
the internet.

chapter one.last night story.
yes, other than locking my ear to my samsung and killing time.

so kau nak tunjuk kau study la? 

calculator, books, and colourful sharpies.
props I guess.huh?
not sound like you to spend the night with the books,azwa.

well, I have to. because they are homeworks.
and have to be submitted.
out of eight questions, I've finished six.
impressive to me, even not for you.

well, someone gave a hand, actually it's something, not someone.

yeah, he. water makes me alive.haha  it's a whiff of BLAIR WALDORF, but change water to he.
ignore the pink colour. can I take "I'm a girl"as the answer when you decided to ask me why that colour?
I take yes.

water plus colour.
stop being infuriating, azwa.
I mean these colours.

they're sharpies. boring about black, thus I bought other colours. 
to keep my eyes opened.
yup, that mint green is totally cute.
as nathaniel barchifold.

wait, are you watching GOSSIP GIRL, azwa?

uh, I know it's kinda 'it's been a while',
but I have to admit that I filled in my weekend schedule with chuck and blair.
I got class on Fri and Sat, hectic.
luckily Mon is leisure and I feel like my weekend is still two days.

let's see.

a piece of motivation, I guess.

and the reality is, 
are you considering watching chuck-blair couple is the synonim of

you pretty sick. you got quizzes on Thurs but..

I got lazy to. at least as human.


thanks for that, man.

sorry, I prefer Malay when It comes to heart matter.

hari itu laju
tangkap waktu untuk aku
buru senyum dari kamu
seperti selalu.

glad you're there.
and wish you were here.
extremely wishing.
miss you.

great combination of Malay-English tragic.

sudah-sudahlah syok sendiri.
mimpi apa post bahasa penjajah ni aku pun tak tahu.
I'm still from Terengganu.
dan sedang merindui udara Kuala Berang.

senyumlah, selagi ada masa.

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